About Us

Mission Statement

About Centralia Youth SportsCentralia Youth Sports is a nonprofit organization committed to providing organized sports opportunities for K-12 Centralia athletes. With a focus on development, and community connection, CYS strives to empower children to play, compete, and grow through athletics.


Centralia Youth Sports aspires to build a holistic sports program beginning with grass roots, striving to leave no child with interest or potential behind. Participants will have the opportunity to advance from their current level to their highest aspirations, guided by the fundamental principle that everything is earned, not given. Three functions that support the overall mission of our organization.

  1. Supporting CSD K – 12 Athletics
  2. Promoting Community Sports
  3. Providing Competitive Opportunities

Supporting Centralia School District

Centralia Youth Sports recognizes the importance of sport in the development of young individuals. Partnering with the Centralia School District allows us to empower children and help them realize their full potential. By supporting CSD Youth programs, we are investing in the foundation of K-12 Centralia Athletics. Beginning with an early introduction and understanding of a wide range of sports, CSD youth programs support our community with affordable and accessible programs that yield high participation. This participation continues as athletes advance in their academic careers, representing Centralia along the way. 


  • Affordability and Accessibility
  • High Participation
  • Introduction to fundamentals


Promoting Community Sports

Centralia Youth Sports supports the opportunities already available to Centralia’s young athletes. Promotion of local opportunities, teams, and organizations with our platforms will connect our greater sports community. Organizations like Little League, Centralia Youth Soccer, and Poseidon are a few examples of opportunities already available. 


Competitive Opportunities

Centralia Youth Sports fosters the value of competition through dedicated teams of skilled young athletes. In the 2023 – 2024 season CYS is providing 7 select basketball teams with boys and girls 4th through 8th grade. 


Centralia Youth Sports welcomes individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in partnering with us to promote this initiative further. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of Centralia’s youth.


Leadership Team

President: Henri Weeks
VP: Brooklynn Lowe
Treasurer: Parker Zbaraschuk
Katie Taylor
Tom Alderson
Tim Penman
Brenda Penman
Tim Ahern